Learning poker means getting into the basics of it. You’ll have to understand the game’s mechanics, betting rounds, and the order of poker hands. The latter is essential when you are serious about poker. It’s the backbone of almost every poker variant. When you know the different poker hands, you can easily play the game, and every decision you make will be based on them.

To emphasize the importance of knowing these hands, here are some important reasons to memorize them by heart.

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It determines who wins and loses the game.

In poker, the player with the highest-ranking hand wins the pot. The best poker hands in order are based on the likelihood of drawing them, with the most common hands being the lowest and the rarest hands being the highest. For example, a straight flush is much rarer than a pair. As a result, a straight flush ranks higher than a pair.

By understanding poker hand ranking, players can determine which hands are likely to win and which are likely to lose in Texas Hold’em or other poker games.

It helps you make better decisions while playing.

Knowing which poker hands ranked in order, you can better decide how to play your cards. For example, if you are dealt a pair of jacks, you know you have a strong hand and can be more aggressive in your betting. While many sophisticated strategies can be employed while playing poker, a solid knowledge of hand ranking is the foundation upon which these more advanced techniques are built.

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It allows you to bluff more convincingly.

The ability to bluff effectively can differentiate between winning and losing. And while many factors contribute to a successful bluff, hand ranking is one of the most important. By understanding the relative strength of your hand, you can more convincingly feign confidenceโ€”and trick your opponents into folding. Of course, hand ranking is just one part of the puzzle; to truly master the art of bluffing, you’ll also need to be aware of betting patterns, tells, and a whole host of other factors.

It enables you to identify drawing hands more quickly.

Knowing the poker hand ranking is crucial because it lets you quickly identify drawing hands. A drawing hand is a hand that currently does not have the best possible combination of cards but has the potential to improve if the right cards are dealt with in the next round. For example, a player with a pair of kings currently has the third-best possible hand. However, if one of the following two cards dealt is another king, the player will have a full house.

Drawing hands is often speculative and risky, but knowing the poker hand ranking enables you to make more informed decisions about when to play them.

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It enables you to judge your opponent’s hands more accurately.

As you get more experience, you begin to read other players and judge their hands not only according to the cards they are showing but also according to their betting patterns, body language, and general demeanor. It is where knowing the poker hand ranking becomes essential.

If you can look at your opponents and quickly assess what kind of hand they are likely holding, you have a significant advantage. It is because you can adjust your betting accordingly – if you think your opponent has a strong hand, you can fold early and save yourself some money; if you think they are bluffing, you can call their bet and perhaps win the pot.

It makes it easier for you to value your hand accurately.

Poker hand ranking impacts how much your hand is worth. For example, a royal flush is the strongest hand and thus is worth the most, while a high card hand is the weakest and thus is worth the least. However, there are also borderline hands that can be difficult to value.

Knowing the hand ranking can help you to assess these situations and make the correct decision. For instance, if you have a flush, but there are also two pairs on the board, you know that your hand is still strong even though it isn’t technically the best. Conversely, if you have three of a kind but there is a straight on the board, then you know that your hand isn’t as strong as it could be. It will then allow you to decide whether to fold or bet.

It helps improve your pot odds calculation abilities.

Knowing the poker winning hands in order is essential for calculating pot odds because it allows you to assess your chances of winning. For example, if you have a pair of tens and your opponent has a pair of fives, you know that you have a better hand and can make an informed decision about how much to bet. Similarly, if you have a flush draw and your opponent has a made hand, you can calculate the odds of making your flush and decide whether it’s worth pursuing.


To become a good poker player, remembering the hand ranking is crucial in every decision you make as you play the game. You can learn them better by constantly practicing. Try to join GGPoker, the world’s largest poker room, to access different variants and use your knowledge of hand ranking while competing with various players. Sign up today to enjoy the game and improve your skills.